Top Skills To List On LinkedIn in 2020

Every employer wants a candidate to be ‘plug n play’. Just come, join and start the job. Unless you are fresh and need some training otherwise every employer wants the same.

Whatever job you do, there are always some key employability skills – the core skills that will make you effective at work.

Skills to add to LinkedIn.

There are certain skills and competencies that every employee should possess and those who are already working, but don’t possess, must work on them.

Apart from technical skills for engineers, doctors, IT professionals and others, some skills are said are not degree dependant. You learn them over time. 

Why is it Important to List Key Skills on Your LinkedIn Profile?

You might have underestimated how skills can have an impact on your visibility on LinkedIn or other social media.

Oh man, you are missing something. If you are not seen on digital media then how come the employer can find you.

  • Almost 40% of recruiters are searching employees by skills on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn has several advances filters where an employer can simply filter out candidates who don’t have relevant skills, number of years experience, education and so on.
  • Your skills can be endorsed by your colleagues, friends, manager or the CEO. It helps the recruiters to understand the skills you are known for.
  • The skills section on LinkedIn is presented in a way that employers can easily understand your industry knowledge, Tools and Technologies, interpersonal skills, languages you know, other skills
See below picture (taken from a real LinkedIn profile) where has shown skills and recommended by other connections.
linkedin core competencies

What are the skills available on LinkedIn?

There are five categories of skill sets available on LinkedIn. You are free to choose and type as your choice. But you can only select 50. But the number 50 is more than sufficient. Based on your profile LinkedIn may suggest the best skills that suit you.

Once you have added your skills on LinkedIn, your connections can endorse those skills and more they endorse the more weightage LinkedIn will give to your profile. And as a result weightage, the employer can see you and filter you out.


How do you pick the “right” skills for LinkedIn?

Different people have a different set of skills based on their education and experience. Lets assume you are working for an organization, just go through routine work and see what skill set you have.

You can follow the below criteria that can help you create your own set of skills.

  • How do you start your day? – Planning, Organizing, 
    • You have 10 people working for you – Management, Delegation, Supervising,
    • Getting information within the organization – Coordination
    • Negotiating prices with suppliers – Negotiation skills, Story Telling
    • Sending and receiving email – Communication skills
    • Data entry and recording invoices – MIS and Computer Skills
    • Preparing report for your CEO – Presentation, Analytical skills
    • Handling work pressure – Stress management, Multitasking, Prioritising, Delegation of work
    • Talking to colleagues and understanding their problems – Emotional intelligence.

                  What are LinkedIn Skills List or Categories?

                  Your skills are categorized by areas of expertise:

                  • Top Skills
                  • Industry Knowledge
                  • Tools & Technologies
                  • Interpersonal Skills
                  • Languages
                  • Other Skills

                  What are the most popular skills on LinkedIn


                  • Growth mindset
                    • Challenge Facing
                    • Strategy Developing
                    • Analytical
                    • Research
                  • Creativity
                    • Open-mindedness
                    • Playfulness
                    • Creative Technical knowledge
                  • The Art of Focusing
                    • Multitasking
                    • Delegating Tasks
                    • Planning
                    • Organizing
                  • Commercial Business Awareness
                    • Analytical
                    • Business Analysis
                    • Operation Handling
                  • Management
                    • Public Relation
                    • Social Media
                    • Decision Making
                    • Problem Solving
                    • Stress Management
                  • Innovation
                    • Originality
                    • Initiative Taking
                  • Communication
                    • Sound Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills
                    • Presentation Skills
                    • Active Listening
                  • Story Telling
                  • Culture Awareness
                  • Critical Thinking
                    • Risk Management
                  • Leadership
                  • Emotional Intelligence

                  How to add skills on LinkedIn?

                  Follow these steps to add a new or delete an old skill on LinkedIn.

                  • Go to your profile,
                  • At the top, along with your picture, ‘Add Profile Section’
                  • Click on Skills, and hit the plus button.
                  • You will see a new pop to help you add new skills
                  • Add a skill and press ‘Add’

                  Frequently Asked Questions?

                  Why to optimize your LinkedIn profile?
                  1. More than 90% of employers and recruiters rely on LinkedIn to get their next hire.
                  2. It helps candidates to be prominent and searchable. 
                  How to optimize LinkedIn profile to be prominent?
                  1. Complete your profile and professional summary.
                  2. Have a professional picture
                  3. Endorse your connection and seek recommendations.
                  4. Browse the list of 'People You May Know'.
                  How to get endorsements on LinkedIn?​

                  Here are the steps which you can follow maximize your skills endorsement

                  1. Complete your list of skills
                  2. Talk to your colleagues, friends, relative and ask them to endorse you
                  3. Instead of sending ‘please endorse me’ messages. Be generous and go their profiles, take a sneak view and endorse them. They will get a message and surely endorse you back.
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