Proven Techniques for Cover Letter or Application Letter for a job vacancy


Cover Letter is said to be the spokesman of the resume. Let the spokesman be given an opportunity to speak for you. The rule of the thumb is whenever and where ever you send your résumé for any job vacancy, it should go with tailor-made and should be a company or industry-specific cover letter.

A hiring manager receives hundreds of resume and cover letter. They are such specialized people that after reading hundreds of resume and cover letters in a day they can easily identify that what is copy-paste or generic.

It definitely results in a negative impression and the hiring manager may develop a prior opinion that the resume will also be not good and as a result cut the marks for resume too.

 Can you afford to send a job application while leaving the email blank?

What you can do? Attach a CV with an email “lease see the attached CV – Regards – Mr. Smith”

Email for job application

Can you be so casual to annoy the hiring manager where he already has a lot of option? Definitely no


We can help you to write a winning cover letter to get your dream job.

Step – 1 – Find out to whom the cover letter should be addressed

 A cover letter can’t be a ‘To Whom IT May Concern’ type letter. Make it personalized and address to the right person

You can find the name of the addressee in the following ways;

Examples :
  1. If the job is advertised then most of the times the name of the addressee is mentioned at the end of the job ad – send your resume to Mr. John (HR Manager)
  2. Go to linkedIn – Search the company – find the list of employees – get the name of the hiring manager.
  3. Call the company – ask them for the name of the HR Manager.
  4. Or call the company and ask them that you are from an HR consulting company and want to send an HR system up gradation proposal. Can I know the name of the HR Manager? (everything is fair in love an war)

Step – 2 – Start with a tricky sentence to get the reader’s attention.

Starting a cover letter with such a tag line will definitely force a reader to read further.

  • Read the job description carefully
  • Underline the key points of consideration.
  • A resume can’t be a clone to cover letter – try to get the attention of the reader


  1. “Every employer has to go through some “Business Pain” that he has to suffer in his daily routine when their financial accounting system doesn’t run properly.”
  2. I hope you will take a moment to read the resume I’ve attached to this note, as I’m certain you’ll find in it the skills and strengths you seek in a Purchase Manager.
  3. You’re looking for an experienced Marketing executive – I worked for ABC LLC to self-starter to work in the financial field — I’m a self-starter with financial expertise and experience! My resume, which is enclosed, details
  4. Recovering on time and paying on time – it’s a principle job task of a credit manager. A company can avoid markup and bankruptcy if its credit manager settles credit limits with customers, settle acceptable level of risk and definitely enforcement actions with the customer to recover.
  5. Can you bear the loss if;
    • Receivables are not reconciled timely and the omission of two or three invoices in ledgers gets older and older and the party is not willing to pay you about that.
    • You ask for what is receivable to date and what is due today? And the aging of receivables is not available
    • Sales are being dispatched but there is no control in sales recording and missing two to three sales invoices every week.
    • You want to start a new project but the feasibility is not available…You don’t know whether it’s worth to start a new business.
    • financial and management professionals who are capable of identifying and seizing market opportunities before the competition does.

Step – 3 – Mention the job you are applying


Tell them in a few lines how you got the information about the advertised job;


Mention the name of a reference who referred to you for this job. The hiring manager feels more comfortable when he see the of the person in reference who is already in his contract.


  1. Your update on “LinkedIn” regarding the position of “Financial Analyst and Accountant” grabbed my attention. I have carefully gone through the content of your message and found myself ‘plug and play’ match with the position.
  2. Jonathan suggested that I should contact you for the job because he thinks that I am the best fit and my skill set is the most suitable for this job.

Step – 4 – Match your skills with the job ad


The dilemma of HR people is that their mailbox is always full of emails and with the mounting pressure to find the right candidate they take just a few seconds to decide for the candidates.

The always look for the relevancy, read the job description carefully and give some compelling points that why should the company hire you

  • Underline the job-related skills
  • Turn them into achievements

Here are the compelling points why your company should hire me;


  1. A qualified sales executive having a blend of academic and professional qualifications (MBA Marketing with more than 5 years’ working experience in the trading & service industry.
  2. Handled and supervised marketing department of ABC Company has an annual turnover exceeding USD 5+ Billion.
  3. Devised internal financial reporting infrastructure and an effective system of internal control and accounting policies of the company to meet legal, fiscal and financial obligations.
  4. Researched and identified new customers and sales opportunity, generating leads to meet the monthly, quarterly and annual
  5. Reaching out to new customers and making presentations or pitches outlining the benefits of product/ services.
  6. Understanding the client requirements and then customizing the product/ services as per their needs
  7. Maintaining the relationship, ensuring proper servicing and after sales support to clients

Step – 5 – Finish the cover letter with a call to action (for example, asking for an interview or a meeting).


Now you have given all the reasons and the purposes, now its time to close the covering letter.


A decent closing paragraph with a call to action would be required there. Keep in mind that the resume can’t be the alternative to face to face discussion so the HR person should feel there this guy should be called for an interview.


  1. There are specific reasons why I applied for this job, we can discuss them in detail. I would be available +44 7911 123456
  2. As I have worked in the same line of business before I can discuss some issues and the improvements in the system In detail
  3. The enclosed résumé will give you a brief overview of my profile. However, to get the true essence of a person’s skills you need to meet them in person and it will be an opportunity to give you a thorough synopsis of my capabilities.
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