procurement specialist or sometimes called a purchaser ensures the availability of almost everything that is required to run the business. He is supposed to be familiar with the supply chain process, starting from demand generation until the items are arrived and cleared from the inspection department.
Their main expertise is to obtain the raw materials, products, and services to run the business/operation at the minimum cost price.
Develop a detailed sourcing and procurement plan, having a detailed database of suppliers with the most favorable payment terms.
He has to implement procurement processes most efficiently and effectively with the goal of not only the timely availability of material but at the best rate to save costs too.

  • Develop a detailed sourcing and procurement plan.
  • Having a detailed database of suppliers with the most favorable payment terms.
  • To maintain strong working relationships with suppliers at three principles “Cost, Quality, and Availability.
  • The procurement manager compare products and services, with different payment terms and quality, and decides the best for the organization.
    Best material at best cost price
  • Negotiating contracts: Negotiation is a major share of the procurement specialist’s job.
  • After securing the best pricing, terms and delivery options for each product or service, they settle the contract.
  • Getting credit from suppliers at best terms.
  • Understanding the local contract procedure, legal implication and the necessary documentation skills to comply with company policies and procedures.
  • He should have analytical skills to analyze the procurement needs and future planning for availability of material.
  • To play the role of a bridge between production and inventory department to meet their requirement timely.
  • Close coordination with suppliers to know the market trends, what material is available at one day notice or what at a week.
  • Be alert and quick.
  • Negotiating contracts – Price negotiation with suppliers to win the best deals.
  • Order tracking and dispute resolution.
  • Coordination with the accounts department to arrange for invoices/bill and to speed up the payment process.
  • Satisfied suppliers with ease of working capital at the company’s end.

Dear Mr. Thomas

Greetings from a Procurement Specialist,

Everything you sell you must have to purchase or manufacture first. With the competitive market and global economy, the best businessmen is one who not only sells more but also at the best cost price.

I just saw your add on “LinkedIn/Job Site (mention the source)” that you are looking for professional Procurement Specialist’ to manage your day to day inventory needs. I have carefully gone through the content of your message and found myself ‘plug and play’ match with the position.
My more than five years of long career demonstrate great skills at developing detailed sourcing and procurement plan, to maintain strong working relationships with suppliers to get the best price with best credit terms, price negotiation, order tracking and dispute resolution, close coordination with the accounts department and a lot more.

Here are the most compelling points that why your company should hire me:

  • Close coordination with suppliers to know the market trends, what material is available at one day notice or what at a week or months.
  • Initiated inventory controls and raised working capital USD 8+ million by raising a flag over long outstanding unused stock, slow-moving items, through effective control and ensured its disposal.
  • Negotiated global procurement agreement, redesigned the credit policy with cost-saving  1.20% while generating a revenue of $8.5 million annually
  • Actively participated in documentation and integration of procurement and inventory department in order to save time and money.
  • Successfully managed several service level agreements between suppliers and rental operations.
  • Developed a dashboard to track all orders placed with suppliers, material received and inspected as per required quality standard.

As the enclosed resume attests, my experience is proven, the results measurable and substantial.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how I can contribute to your company’s bottom line.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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