What to Wear to a Job Interview Male

The first impression is the last impression. Believe it or not ‘first impression counts’. You don’t get a second chance to give your first impression.

Assume a situation; a person is sitting, over the table, in front of you and you are interviewing;

(The candidate is silent – didn’t speak a single word – and you are looking at his dress)

  • Shirt and pent – different color combinations;
  • The shirt is not iron properly
  • Shirt’s upper shirt two buttons are open.
  • Tie not matching with dress, 
  • Belt – a fancy rock start belt 
  • Shoes – not polished, not in line with the interview dress code.

(Interview is not yet started – no communication so far)

You will definitely give negative marks – The tone of the interview will be boring – Even if the candidate is good at communication, he knows his job well, we can give him 100% marks but the negative marking of dressing will definitely affect his overall performance.

As a candidate, you will definitely think about ‘How to avoid such a situation?’

Let’s discuss a few points in detail for interview dressing of men;

Men fashion or interview attire somehow straightway is ‘Shirt and pent’


1. Don’t go fancy – Just simple and straightway

Men fashion or interview attire is somehow straightway; Shirt and pent and jacket, tie etc;

You can go for any brand as per your choice and pocket but there are certain things you do need to consider. The rule is that;

– Neat and clean dress
– Wrinkle-free shirt 
– Matching shoes and pant.
– And a nice tie

We will discuss all such things in detail below;

2. Colour Combination

Your personality is a plus but if you are going for a marketing job or white-collar office job interview or whatever role it is; the color scheme will be different as per the situation because you don’t know the dress code of office. But you need to be in business formal 

White shirt – White pent

  1. Clothes Should Fit well

The dress you are wearing for an interview should look yours, we are talking about the clothes fitting. Your collar size is 15’ but you are wearing 17’, your wait is 30 and you are wearing 28 or 32; this will not work. Interviews happen occasionally, so you can’t be casual  

4. Jacket and Pant – The best color combination

Light color jacket and pent with a nice tie is a great combination to wear when you don’t know the dress code of the company either its ‘strict business formal’ or business casual. Here you got an option to be with or without tie. 

A few suggested combinations can be

A navy blue blazer is 

5. Matching tie

A dark suit with a white shirt; the first thing the interviewer notices is your tie. The tie pattern says a lot of things about you. So to send the right message the selection of a nice tie is critical. Different colors convey a different message, 

Stripes – 

Solid Color – 

Geometric styles – 

In short, the tie shouldn’t isolate you, mean you 

6. The Belt

Same as tie the belt is the accessory the interviewer will definitely notice. Your belt should match your outfit. You cannot use the same belt for jeans and the same for corporate dressing..

– The buckle should be sized as per your body – not so big – not small.

– A nice steel buckle belt with fitting around your waist

– It should be one color – no images, stripes or other designs

– Black is a solid color and can be used for all occasions.

7. Put some light perfume

You should be remembered for your skills, not for the bombardment of perfume that make it difficult for the interviewer to breathe. Once you’ve taken shower, shaved and trimmed and applied deodorant choose a nice perfume that shouldn’t affect the nose of the interviewer. 

8. The Polished Shoes

As far as shoes are concerned, make sure they are nicely polished. The socks should be matching. Your shoes will only be seen when you will enter the room and walk towards the interviewer. If the hiring manager spots your dirty shoes that will definitely cut your marks.

9. What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

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