How to use Job Search Sites Effectively

The job market is full of job websites showing different types of jobs either real or fake. You need to be smart enough on how to utilize job search engines effectively.

Some of them also collect jobs from other job portal and then display on their websites.

An advertised job receives more 1000 resume in just a few days and you can understand how complicated the job market is;

Here we need to work out how to make the best use of job sites.

Let’s move one by one.

Make a list of Job Websites

If you google you will get hundreds of job websites. A job seeker who has to start his day while browsing different websites and applying to different jobs has to be very sharp in managing his time and not to miss any good opportunity.

First task is to create a list of job portal which trust. Better to use a spreadsheet (Excel)

  • Create a list of job websites
  • Login & Passwords (Because you may forget later on) some websites required upper case or lower case password
  • Profile created YES/NO – What is pending?
  • Create a date wise plan
1. Make a list of Job Websites

Create job profiles and practice

It takes almost more than 30 minutes to create a profile on a website.

How more than 30 minutes?

The answer will be;

  • Building profile
  • You profile picture
  • Education history
  • Previous job details
  • Achievements
  • Some question like; what are your strengths, why should we hire you
  • And so on.

Every job portal has different types form and tables to fill in and it takes sometimes more than an hour to do so.

You need to understand;

  • How to join a job portal and create a profile
  • How to apply to different jobs – one click send or some modifications are required.
  • How to follow up with employers

Pro Tip

Instead of typing again and again on all the job portal create a ms word file, write down all the details, 

Don’t be a traditional job seeker – Try to go a step further

Traditional job seeker sees a job and without bothering to study the whole job requirement, without changing his CV according to the job, just press “CLICK” in a second and send a routine general CV to every job ad.

I applied to 100 jobs in a day       >             Quality VS Quantity  – What do you prefer?

Look at the job ad and try to figure out;

  • The key skills and experience required
  • What kind of keywords are used in the job ad
  • How to customize your CV according to job – How much time it will take to do
  • To whom I should address in cover letter
3. Don’t be a traditional job seeker

I just highlighted a few points there. These are the keywords, include them your resume to tailor it according to job.

Give your contact details on atleast 3 places in your profile

Your contact details (Mobile and email ID) is the main source to contact you. All the job portals require a job seeker to enter his complete contact details by default.

But most of the job websites have created their paid plans too and the employer has to pay them to get the complete profile (Mobile and email ID) of a candidate.

Mention your contact details atleast on 3 places in a job portal as;

  • Your job profile (default requirement in job portal form)
  • Summary (most of the time it’s a first paragraph to give a brief overview of a skill)
  • Somewhere in your profile mentioning: You may contact me at

Tip: You can change the format of your email ID and Cell number as

John (at) gmail (dot) com    +1 123. 1369 . 965 

Optimize your profile to beat the Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the silent killer of job seekers. An employer has an edge to filter out the candidate if they don’t pass the pre-set criteria.

Understand the job portal forms. The simple rule is;

Whatever information the job portal requires the same they can use to filter out.

  • Age
  • Experience in years
  • Keywords used in a job ad.

Set up job alerts (email/SMS) for new jobs advertised

Almost all the job websites help you to set email/SMS alerts for all the new jobs advertised. You can adjust them to weekly or daily.

So you don’t need to browse a website daily. Just check your emails in routine, click on apply and open the relevant job.

You can set job alerts of your favorite companies too, so whenever they post a job you get a immediate alert on you mobile or through email.

Create folders in your email

The mailbox of a job seeker is always very messy like;

  • Different emails from different job portals
  • Personal emails
  • Different subscription to the shopping
  • Junk emails and so on.

All of your emails will be automatically sorted into relevant folders. And you can save your time by just one click on the folder.

Hide your profile from your current employer

If you don’t want your current employer to know that you are searching for your next job you can hide your identity on job portals. Many job portals give you the unique feature to block your resume from certain companies.

The most unique feature is the ability to block your resume from certain companies. This is beneficial if you’re currently employed and looking for a new job, but don’t want your current employer to know you’re on the hunt. Monster also offers incredibly advance filtering options and a helpful resource center.

Download mobile app of a job portal

As the major web traffic is moving through mobiles so all famous job portals have developed their mobile app too.  It becomes easy to check messages, alerts, applying to a different job and so on.

Utilize salary search tool

What is your salary demand?

It’s a main confusing question.

If you demand too much high or too much low – chances are they may refuse.

What to do then?

Most of the job portals provide a salary search tool to find and compare salaries by keyword and location-based and you can find what is the market trend, how to create a cushion and demand your desired salary.

Job search agent

Once you have set up your profile for different jobs, the 2nd stage would be to set up a job search agent to notify you when a new job is posted.


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