How to Answer Salary Range Expectations Question in Job Interview/Email

What is your salary demand?

Last interview question and the heart beat goes up.

What if i demand too high?
What if I demand too low?
How to demand desired salary?
How to convince the employer?
I am fresher
I am more experienced
What options I have?


Oh god how to handle this


Everybody knows that this interview will be asked but nobody prepares to handle it. 

Why salary expectation question is asked?

There are several reasons that why an interviewer wants to know your expected salary. Lets discuss a few there;

  • Every organization has a budget allocated to a specific job. They will ask for expected salary, compare the candidate with lower salary (but a better candidate).
  • They also want to know how much value you give yourself;
  • Another reason might be to test your negotiation skills that how good you are to fight for your rights.
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