How can I get a job quickly?

Looking for a job?
Applying from so many days but no positive response. 
Ready to work hard?

Follow our steps, change your strategy. You have done your hard work, now you need to work smart. 

Follow our guidelines below, believe me you will get something new. 

How Can I get a job quickly.
Its not gona get boring; We will not talk about 'Resume or Cover Letter'

We will not talk about resume or cover letter

Dont worry we are here to help

Are you looking for a job? Or you are a fresh graduate?
The first answer you get is; Resume, Cover Letter.
But there is a lot more that you need to consider i.e. from where to start
Let’s make it a bit easier the phrase “How to start job hunting”

Job hunting channels are the means that describe how to approach hiring managers, recruiters, and employers. The best way to search for a job or to do job hunting in 2020 is to have more than one job hunting channel that should work for you.

Job hunting has always been a big challenge for job seekers. Just getting a resume and cover letter is ready is not the game.

Here comes the next question; now what to do? Where to apply? Where to send emails?

Don’t worry. You are at the right place. We will discuss in detail what kind of job hunting channels You can use in your job search.


Job Searching Websites - Do Some Deep Digging

There are a lot of job sites available showing real or fake jobs.

Fake jobs? Yes, there are websites showing fake jobs. 

There are multiple job sites available in the market that categorize job according to profession.

Job Searching Websites

i.e. If you are Doctor, Engineer or a sales guy, you will find it easier to browse their websites and apply accordingly.

Follow our checklist below; (Get an idea how it should be, you can add as more columns as you can. But the purpose is to have a control on your job search process)

  • Make a list of websites you want to apply on MS Excel spreadsheet
  • Create your profile on all the website (it took approx 20-30 minutes to create on website).
  • Make a list of login and password for each portal.
  • Subscribe to their email or SMS notification to get notified for latest jobs. 


Approach the Decision-Maker Directly

[email protected] (the most common HR email ID) receives hundreds or sometimes thousands of job applications against one advertised job.

A lot of people are struggling to get noticed by;

  • Sending emails again and again.
  • Using more than one email ID
  • Sending repeated emails with different subject lines, and texts. 
Approach the Decision-Maker Directly and get noticed

It’s not an easy task for an HR or employer to read every application and call everybody for an interview. 

What to do in such situation? Approach the decision maker directly and get noticed.

How to do that? 


Social Media - Showcase your skills

Job Hunting Through Social Media

Job hunting is not just limited to job sites, social networking website are also playing a key role.

Your social contacts on Linked, Twitter or Facebook can introduce or refer you to these jobs. 


Networking - Friends and Friends of Friends

It is well said that “Half of the luck is in your hand and half of the luck is with whom you shake your hand”.

According to one research, more than 80% of jobs are not advertised online or on a job portal. These are reference-based jobs. A person through a reference is most likely to get a job.


Networking, Fiends and Friends of Friends

Networking is something that is in your control, a lot of jobs are filled nowadays without even being advertised.

It’s time to work smart instead of work hard. Treat every interaction as a possible employment opportunity.

You can network with;

  • People on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • With your college fellows; doing the same kind of job in other companies.
  • Friends at a conference/Seminar
  • Your customers or suppliers; those especially know you and your skills.
  • Even with co-passengers when you are traveling.


Employer's Website - Some Hidden Treasure

Another way to look for a job is to visit an employer’s website. In most of the cases, you will get a “Career” option or at least the email ID like ([email protected] or [email protected]). Once you shortlist a job you can directly email your resume or fill their online form.


Newspaper and Blogs

Most of the newspapers have job supplements or a special page for companies to advertise their jobs. Keep an eye on leading newspaper and their online version.

You can subscribe to their email or SMS list to get a quick update when a job is advertised.


Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp is the most used application for messaging nowadays. Join different WhatsApp groups created by employment agencies, college fellows, HR people, etc.


Recruiters and Employment Agencies

Big companies don’t want to involve in a hectic job advertisement, interview, selection, and hiring process. They prefer to hire employment agencies or executive search firms.

Recruiters are paid by employers to find talent that the organization couldn’t find on its own.


Visiting Job Fairs

Many companies organize job fairs to induct fresh and experienced candidates.

It’s the best place where resumes can be collected and business cards can be exchanged. Job fairs provide a platform for students to meet employers and perform first interviews.


Directly Visiting the Employer’s Office

For a small role, sometimes visiting the employer’s office directly can help you get a job. An employer can assess your CV, interview and even hire you.

Simply following the below step can get you closer to your dream job.

  • Make a list of companies in your area to find their address, office timing, etc.
  • Study the company and its operations. Make a company-specific resume. Find the name of the HR person or the hiring manager
  • If you get direct access you are in a better position to explain your purpose of coming.
  • Memorize a brief speech to create an impact on the interviewer.
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